Bobby Abrahamson
Blake Andrews
Chris Bennett
Lyla Emery White
Bob Gervais
Lisa Gidley
Barbara Gilson
Gary Gumanow
Bruce Hall
James Han
Arthur Hitchcock
Philippe Justel
George Kelly
Jason Miller
Jewel Mlnarik
Jason Shiloh Moore
Jenny Olsen
Missy Prince
Steve Rockoff
Rich Rollins
Faulkner Short
Dolly Winter
Bryan Wolf

Lightleak is a photo group that formed in Portland, Oregon, out of a love of film, darkrooms, and analog techniques. Now we work in various formats and live in various places. We meet monthly in Portland.

We've had many group shows over the years, including at Newspace Center for Photography in 2006; the University of Portland's Buckley Gallery in 2007; Albina Press in 2008; Lightbox Gallery in 2010; Camerawork Gallery in 2013; Pushdot Studios in 2017; and again at the University of Portland in 2020.

Our 2020 exhibition at the University of Portland was cut very short due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here's a video showing what we hung up:

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